:: octolloween ::

what i love about fashion is …it's an extension of everyday all hallows eve. i found this picture on pinterest and my imagination says it's betty boop dressed up as harley quinn.

i was very excited this year about halloween, and coined the term Octolloween. it doesn't make sense to wait 30 days in October to dress up as your inspired character. here's what Octolloween means...

Oc•tol•lo•ween [oc-tah-la-ween] noun ~ the celebration of the month of October; the days & evenings before All Hallows Eve/Halloween: observed especially by young contemporary or rejuvenile adults who bake, cook, craft during the month of October…with family or friends or solo inspired; not limited to one costume for the BIG day, for Halloweenists are free to dress up as many times for any & all special occasions during the month of October. this appeases the wait for All Hallows Eve. 

my friends and i had a blast last month octollobombing at bars & restaurants, dressed up as our inspired characters…mini mouse, peter pan, clark kent/superman to name a few. of course, they were not over-the-top costumes, but the idea of Octolloween is to be inspired by Halloween Couture, to create an any day, lifestyle, halloween costumes for the month of October.

after a successful Octolloween 2013, i'm sharing this concept for all to enjoy, for next year ;) would love to see pictures of your Octolloween 2014!