I go by my artist handle, Cotodi -[ cō -tō -dī ], formerly known as Tiadee Too. I'm a night owl and an INFJ artist with a vintage soul reveling in art, design and photography. Creating art with my hands brings me joy and I have been the happy crafter for most of my life.


In the late 2000's, I decided it was time to translate what I could do by hand - digitally - and pursued a creative career in digital work. Once I understood the power of Photoshop, it sparked my interest in both Photography and Surface Design.

Today, I not only use Photoshop, but I have become very skilled using various mobile apps on my Note 9. Designing and editing on the go from my fingertips has turned my career full circle.

Capturing photo stories of people, places and things with the intent of creating inspirational designs is my focus and creating quirky and unusual pattern designs for use in a niche home goods market is my motivation. I currently illustrate and design for both and, my cats' site.

Here are two links to my latest design work inspired by the NKOTB Mixtape Tour and Debbie Gibson, which I have titled, Electric 80s Youth; the second is my Youtube Channel, CoffeeTalkAdventures, featuring some fun places I have had the opportunity to visit.


Eccentricity of a creative mind may not be pleasing
for the people around it, but it is important for the progress.
- Amit Kalantri