:: how i grew to *like* the 1920s ::

with the excitement of the great gatsby coming out this friday, may 10, i wanted to dedicate todays blog to art deco fashion in the 1920s and how i grew to love this era.

i enjoy celebrating this look on pinterest through many *likes* or *repins* on my own boards. the art deco era was such a beautiful time....fashion, interior design and art...the aesthetics have become timeless due to it^s clean geometric shapes involved in dress form, men^s suits, architecture & commercial art. 

i used to think i was born in the wrong era. but it^s completely ok to live in the *now* and appreciate the *then.* i especially appreciate it when the *now* makes it their own by adding current flair to an old style. grace coddington won me over when i opened the pages of vogue in 2007 [way before i became aware that there was a documentary being worked on called *the september issue*]; i fell in love with every picture that related to a 1920s look *made modern* ...i remember flipping through these pages from vogue and beginning my fashion romance with art deco & the 1920s.

then, when *500 days of summer* came out, it was shot in such a way, that mysteriously celebrated these art deco buildings without really screaming downtown los angeles. i became curious and wanted to learn more about these buildings in this city...the exterior of the eastern building and the interior of the bradbury building were two must sees for me. so my inquisitive and googling mind led me to the los angeles conservancy tours. this is where i began my love affair of taking these art deco walking tours.

with that said, i^m still in the exploratory phase of art deco in graphic design. the picture i use in my header, i found on pinterest but it didn^t lead me to an actual source. so, please know i am only borrowing it for my lil blog. however, for my purposes, i decided to colorize the picture to make it brighter and a bit more contemporary ~ that^s the fun part about living in the *now* ~ you can make those changes ;)

anyways, if you want to explore more fashion pictures of the 1920s, feel free to check out my pinterest board called bees knees.